Pompei day trip

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Fom Rome
Pompei day trip
Pompei day trip
Pompei day trip
Pompei day trip
Pompei day trip

Private tour from Rome to Pompei archaeological site with private driver and local guide

This day-trip from Rome to Pompeii will begin in the morning with a private driver pick-up from your hotel in Rome with a luxury sedan or minivan. You will see the magnificent Pompeii Archaeological Site.

At Pompeii, a licensed private guide from our team will lead you around the archaeological area for about 2 Ω hours, bringing to life the history of this ancient Roman port city that met its brutal fate with Mount Vesuvius explosion in 79AD.

For centuries, the town remained astonishingly preserved under layers of ash until excavations started in the 18th century. You will walk upon the same roads as the Romans once did, touch the smooth counter-tops of ancient shop remains, visit the small homes of average citizens and stand in awe at the colored frescoes and tiled mosaics that decorate the wealthy Romansí villas.

From the forum to hidden brothels and from the amphitheater to great ancient baths, your guide will piece together the daily life of Pompeii. After lunch, the tour continues as your private car drives to the Roman Archeological sister site, Herculaneum.

The large commercial town of Pompeii is a big contrast with the small and even better-preserved ruins of Herculaneum. Since Herculaneum is located closer to Vesuvius, a diverse lava flow preserved the town better than Pompeii, allowing wood and organic material to survive after thousands of years.

During your visit, you can see the famed Villa of Papyri, where current high-tech x-ray systems are being used to uncover hundreds Herculaneumís of preserved ancient texts.

The tour will then conclude with a transfer back to your hotel in Rome or other selected location.

  • DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION: Your hotel in Rome (a different location may be agreed)
  • DEPARTURE TIME: suggested departure from 08:00am to 09:00am
  • DURATION: 10 hrs
  • INCLUDED: Licensed Private Guide
  • NOT INCLUDED: Entrance tickets, Food and Drinks
  • LANGUAGES: English - Italian


You can customize your tour according to your needs and preferences, our staff would be happy to inform you about different options, alternative routes and sites.




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