La Dolce Vita

Discovering Lombardia Region means entering into a world made of traditions, amazing landscapes, culture and fast-paced cities. With a landscape made of mountains, valleys, rivers and incredible lakes there is always a corner where to admire incredible views. The biggest lakes of Italy are here, enclosing pearls such has Sirmione with its thermal waters already well known and enjoyed by the ancient romans, or picturesque islands such as Monte Isola on the Iseo lake. If adventure is what you are looking for, the Alps of Lombardia Region have much to offer, you can admire the highest peaks and enjoy the well preserved nature of its Natural Parks. Culture lies in the endless historical spots you may find while exploring the Region. Ten UNESCO sites are in Lombardia Region all to admire. From the prehistorical inscription carved into the rocks of Vallecamonica to the ancient walls of Bergamo or the fluvial city of Mantua just to quote some of them. The heart of the region is Milan, a fast growing city, unique in the Italian panorama and economical engine of the Country. A city where you can enjoy a view of the Leonardo Da Vinci painting in Santa Maria delle Grazie representing the last supper or you could taste the traditional Milanese aperitif in the renowned terraces around the Duomo Cathedral enjoying the fancy life of the City. Landscapes, traditions, good food, art, culture, and adventure are all waiting for you in Lombardia Region.



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